Room Rental Agreement House Rules

HYGIENE AND BATHROOM USE: Residents should consider their neighbours when using community baths. After each use of the bathroom, you need to clean yourself and remove all personal belongings. Residents should limit themselves to 15 minutes in case of high usage time. Residents should wear appropriate footwear at all times for their own protection and to prevent the spread of infections (do not walk barefoot in the corridors). Do not leave hair, toothpaste or other personal residue. Check that the bathroom is accidentally knocked over before leaving. When paper towels are used for cleaning, they should be placed in the trash and should not be taken to the toilet. Residents are expressly prohibited from washing their laundry in the sink, bathtub or anywhere on the site. When residents clean their kitchen and food utensils, they must wipe all leftover food in their room trash can before bringing the utensils to the sink for washing.

Personal belongings that remain in a bathroom for more than 24 hours are disposed of. If the carpet needs to be replaced, you can deduct the cost of the new carpet in the room that is rented. This means that when it comes to renting a room within its own two walls, advertising for a tenant and choosing a room have certain conditions and exceptions. The first thing you should do is look at comparable rents in your neighborhood. See if there are similar situations where a landlord rents a single room. This gives you the best idea of what market rents are for a roommate situation. WASTE AND RECYCLING: Residents are prohibited from depositing their waste in corridors or bathroom baskets. Local residents must sort the waste in accordance with the local recycling regulations and deposit it in the corresponding containers off-site.

Do not put large objects on the sidewalk such as garbage. Would you like to earn money for the mortgage by renting your free room? Or, if you rent, you may be can sublet or assign your lease to someone else. Learn the differences between leasing, subletting, and attribution to decide which one is right for you.. . .

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