Master Joint Venture Agreement

Some countries also have restrictions for foreigners entering their market, so a joint venture with a local entity is almost the only way to do business in the country. In theory, joint ventures and strategic alliances are short-term, so not permanent. The service life is very variable; When the objective of cooperation is achieved, the two sides usually follow separate paths. If it has previously drawn up such an agreement, it may consider certain sections as pro forma. But he will almost certainly look at you to create the purpose of the joint venture. Technology companies, for example, are particularly smart at forging joint ventures. You may have read a technology company that has a patent for an innovative product and is looking for a joint venture with another company that has the production know-how to launch that new product. Individually, they can dream, but a joint venture can allow them to realize their dream. Or, as the Legal Dictionary put it, by pooling their resources, “companies combine assets and increase competitive advantage while minimizing risk.” A joint venture can use the combined resources of both companies to achieve the company`s goal.

One company may have a well-established manufacturing process, while the other may have superior distribution channels. The lawyer who looks at your exact motivations should earn their hourly fee if you opt for a joint venture….

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