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As there is no geographical restriction of the agreement, it could do anywhere in the world one of the things mentioned above. Let`s take a look at what users are right when they connect to one of these services. I`ll focus mainly on Instagram, because it`s PetaPixel, but let`s also take a look at a few others. Please read this agreement carefully. This agreement can be amended at any time. Your participation in one of the social media accounts is your consent to respect these rules and future changes. If you cannot follow these rules, please do not participate. If you do not follow these rules, this may result in an interruption or termination of your access to social media accounts without notice. But among TOS, Instagram is completely free to share these photos, whether they are deleted or not. The user will most likely be formulated to cover periods when a user deletes something, but cached copies continue to be displayed for a while. However, the intention is irrelevant when the language is clear and the language is clear in the TOS. Social media has so permeated our daily lives that it seems insufficient to call them “ubiquitous”. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and others take up a lot of time, bandwidth and attention and have become indispensable business and marketing tools.

While it is easy to see them as neutral platforms for user interaction, we need to keep in mind that each is a company that works and is managed by its balance sheets and accountable to its owners. As a result, each user requires to accept their terms of use and their privacy policy before creating an account. These chords are usually long and rather arkan, but the average time to read them is between 6 and 8 seconds. A user agreement is not just a formality. It is a binding legal contract, as lawyers call it, a “liability contract.” Responsibility contracts do not offer room for negotiation – the user`s only options are to take it or leave it. If you are faced with the terms of use of Instagram (TOS), the thought of a new user can continue as follows: if Instagram does not take these steps, the company could find itself in trouble. It was only this month that the Paris Magistrates Court found that Twitter`s terms of use (not like Instagram`s) were null andible because they were “abusive” to users. Twitter, which could be threatened with fines of up to 30,000 euros, must now remove the conditions and replace them with compliant conditions. “Z.B.” is an acronym for the Latin expression exemplied gratia. It means “for example.” Another user`s reissue is an example of how your content might stay on Instagram after deleting it, but that`s not necessarily the only way to do it. The small “z.B.” essentially gives Instagram endless leeway to keep your content alive and in circulation without your consent.

I know it sounds like it`s cracking my hair, but I guarantee you that an intelligent lawyer, at some point during the development of THE TOS, insisted that “z.B. precisely for this reason. Instagram says it does not take ownership of its users` content.

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