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With a truck with five inspections a year, compared to eight with six-week inspections, the real advantage for the operator is less inconvenience when a truck is on the road longer. A recent industry survey found that 40% of trucks on UK roads are covered by some form of repair and maintenance (R&M) contract and the proportion of new trucks is even higher at around 60%. It`s not hard to understand why R&M contracts enjoy such market penetration these days. Many operators feel that in-house workshops are either overhead they can do without, or that they are ill-equipped to handle the complexity of modern trucks, especially their electronic diagnostic systems. And if you don`t have a workshop, an M&M contract seems like a logical choice: maintenance and safety inspections run on a planned program and are offered more to a contractual agreement than to an ad hoc agreement. Work can be awarded, but the responsibility for safe, legal and effective maintenance always lies with the vehicle user. Even the best R&M contract depends on the quality of the local dealer or repair shop that provides you with the service. As the old saying goes, sales sell the first truck, after-sales service sells the next. There are four essential ingredients you should look for with a service provider. .

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