Hire Purchase Agreement Ifrs 16

It is difficult to identify it from your comments in ifrsbox, but what would you do if the company paid for the lease of the car (invoice to the company) of some employees and the lease amounts were deducted from the employees` salaries? Do you have to use IFRS to capitalize the lease if other IFRS 16 conditions are met? All information about the value of an asset (purchase price or market value) can usually be estimated from independent research. For the purposes of IFRS 16, residual value is only relevant if an entity has the opportunity to acquire the lease assets at a price agreed in advance. 1. Do we amortize the rental premium over the term of the lease? 2. Or do we spend the entire rental premium at the GuV? I am making a presentation on IFRS 16 and I have been asked to deal with the provisions of Ifrs 16, what exactly are these provisions? Thank you very much, and the purchase of rent? is it out of or within the scope of IFRS 16? Hello Silvia, could you share the article for more details about the exception. I am dealing with the same matter. The rental warehouse for 2 years without purchase option and the economic life of the warehouse is unknown. Should we calculate depreciation and interest? Hello Sylvia, please advise you on how the concession contract should be settled by the owner. In other words, the agreement has a fixed fee (guarantees) and a variable fee (based on volume). IFRIC 12 is excluded from IFRS 16 and I cannot find any other standard dealing with the issue of rental purchase (HP) or leasing is a type of asset financing that allows businesses or individuals to hold and control an asset for an agreed period of time, while paying rent or payments covering the amortization of the asset and interest to cover the cost of capital. Any company that uses leasing, purchase of leases or leases as a financing solution will be affected by the new standard.

I have a transaction in which a landowner has entered into a 99-year lease with a person who will occupy the land during that period and who will be able to build a dwelling on it, and at the end of the period, the landowner will be able to buy back that building at 50% of its fair value. The buyer/owner pays in advance the total amount (corresponding to the value of the land). Can the owner of the land recognize this as a sale; Register the country and record a profit? Or does the landowner have to register a turnover of more than 99 years? At present, leases for operations, such as.B. contracts for the rental of premises, cars and equipment, only entail the disclosure of lease payments made as an effort and an explanation of the future leasing profile. Finance lease ratios, such as. B tempered purchase transactions were recognised as a fixed asset and in the balance sheet of liabilities. Question 1: If I pinned my facilities and equipment (“PSA”) and paid for my lease-purchase/finance lease, would it seem strange? IFRS 16 significantly removes the distinction between service leases and financing agreements. The presentation of a lease payable in the financial statements appears to indicate a deviation from IFRS 16. During 2019, companies applying IFRS 16 will have to value the liabilities and assets of leasing contracts that will be “on the balance sheet” for the first time. This will be a priority, as companies reach their own financial year and the accounts are closed. Hello Silvia, thank you for the article. It`s a bit overwhelming for me.

I remember attending one of the seminars in my country. The speaker was a senior auditor at KPMG. He introduced this topic and, ultimately, I ask him whether or not the treatment of rental offices will be affected by IFRS 16. He was a little hesitant, but eventually confirmed that the rental office should be out of scope, as there is no way to buy the office. But I think that`s wrong, and in addition, after reading the article, I`m pretty sure that the rent office should be registered according to IFRS 16. . .

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