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She added, “In podcasting, there`s not a lot of customization for something like the iTunes app compared to what you`re hearing – at least not yet – and so I feel like when people come to Crooked, they have an idea of what they`re going to receive.” A more formalized and official version can be designed by a lawyer, or you can use an example like this and update it as you like. (Remember that samples are not legal advice, as we do not know your specific facts. We also don`t promise to keep them informed of the law by reading them here in this article, so it`s up to you to have it checked before you rely on it!) Please! You have a co-host agreement. If you are interested in renting a studio or other room to record a podcast, and this includes special equipment when making the podcast, a lease is a must. Is your podcast Poppin? Do you want to be reassured that your podcast guests won`t be trying to sue you for editing, broadcasting, or getting their episode released? Then you need this podcast agreement. This agreement firmly bases your property on the podcast and any content you produce in association with that podcast. It also lets customers know that as the owner of the content and podcasts, you have the right to do whatever you want with your content and podcasts with or without their consent. I took the words from your mouth, didn`t I? And the audio fiction seemed very franssed.

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