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Appropriate packaging should be able to withstand these shocks, protect the product and preserve the integrity of the packaging. UPS shipments go through a protocol and are regulated in such a way that they offer maximum security for the goods through the optimization of UPS shipping boxes and various UPS tests. In this article, we`ll tell you more. The ASI drop test simulates the drops that can be sustained by the product and thus assesses the protection of the packaging. To this end, a drop tester is used to simulate vertical and rotating drops and adapts to the different weight and characteristics of the product. If the result of the packaging test is otherwise unsatisfactory, the packaging design can be modified so that it obtains the protective capacity necessary to deal with these contingencies. The five-year contract with each company includes government-wide shipping services. At Safe Load Testing Technologies, we have developed innovative and intuitive technology to perform UPS Drop tests with other international protocols. The availability in four different models means that our Drop Tester can record the weights and sizes of different packages, always with the aim of finding results as close as possible to the actual transport conditions. There are various organizations that have developed procedures to ensure international case testing standards. This is the case for ISTA, ASTM and ISO. Shocks, falls and vibrations can threaten goods during transport, resulting in unnecessary costs and a disgruntled end-customer. To avoid this, transport companies such as UPS have decided to put in place procedures such as the UPS case test, which is essential for load safety.

Finding and retaining good drivers has not been an easy task for most fleets over the past decade. In 2020, the covid-19 pandemic forced many older drivers to retire early. In addition, commercial auto-schools have been closed and CDL tests have been complicated due to social deterioration, reducing the number of new drivers entering the sector to replace the retired generation. Last year, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration`s “Drug-Alcohol Clearinghouse” initiative, which requires more regular testing by professional drivers, led tens of thousands of drivers to leave the market due to failed tests or fear of failure, according to estimates by FTR Transport Intelligence. All of this has only increased competition for pilots among fleets across the country. If the package and product are both tested, the goods and their protection system are ready to be shipped safely. Once the UPS testing procedure is complete, the company has a clear idea of the impact the drops can have on the packaging and products transported. The company has standardized UPS shipping boxes, which means that shipments can be made with a secure package that has overcome rigorous packaging tests. All of this is described in the UPS case test to ensure that all packages subjected to this packaging test meet the same requirements.

United Parcel Service, Inc. (UPS) is a parcel delivery company. The company is a provider of global supply chain management solutions. The company operates in three segments: U.S. Domestic Package Operations, International Package Operations and Supply Chain – Freight Operations. As of December 31, 2016, the company has delivered packages to more than 220 countries and territories. The company offers a wide range of guaranteed ground and air transportation services in the United States. The International Package segment includes small parcel operations in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Canada and Latin America, the Indian subcontinent, the Middle East and Africa.

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