Cupw Collective Agreement 2020

CUPW received the decision of arbitrator Elizabeth MacPherson regarding collective agreements for our two bargaining units at The Canada Post: Urban Operations and Rural and Suburban Mail Carriers. Looking ahead to 2019, I`m thinking about my first year at Canada Post. I know that this great company has a strong future for Canadians. But to succeed, we must find new avenues of cooperation, listen to each other and be open to new solutions. I`m determined to find that path. As the CUPW collective agreement process moves to arbitration, much remains to be done from January to rebuild our future together. Reintroduction of the two collective agreements with CUPW, including all workers` benefits, for the duration of the cooling-off period; Over the life of the collective agreement, the parties must conduct discussions to identify commonalities and solutions for the sustainability of the pension system. The date of paragraph 53.01 has been updated to June 1, 2020. There should be no dismissal of regular workers who were working in the bargaining unit at that time. Any worker who is employed as a result of this date and who works for five years without interruption also benefits from this protection. Disability and Life Insurance Adjustments and Retroactivity Adjustments and Pensions for Retirees – July 15, 2020 Collective Agreements: Decisions Are in – June 11, 2020 Canada Post Confirmed Dates retroactive payment for temporary workers who have reached 1000 hours of work in a fiscal year effective January 1, 2019 (see report card #150 june 17, 2020).

In accordance with the parties` agreement, this will be a four-year collective agreement that will expire on January 31, 2022. We have made many efforts to resolve these negotiations and return to normal operations. We had to find a difficult balance because we also have a duty to keep the postal service strong and financially viable, not only for today, but also for future generations. In our efforts to reach an agreement, we have done everything in our power to be fair to the staff while being accountable. Starting January 1, 2020, municipal employees will protect their salaries from inflation. This protection is granted during the last two years of the collective agreement. If the cost of living increases by more than 5.33% over these two years, COLA protection is triggered. Prior to the arbitration, the parties had agreed on a number of issues that will also be included in the collective agreement and are worded as follows: decisions that influence our work and our future should not have been referred to an arbitrator in principle. Workers have the right to free and fair collective bargaining and, if our right is denied, deprives us of our ability to negotiate solutions to the problems we face in the workplace. Since the beginning of July 2020, workers with a disease considered high risk and who had to stay at home after the onset of COVID-19 have been provided with a form prepared by Canada Life. This form must be completed by a doctor and must determine whether you should stay on vacation or have been able to return to work.

If you received this form, here`s what you need to know. URBAN UNIT JOB SECURITY AND VACANT POSITIONS, GROUP 2 – 02 July 2020 – If no agreement has been reached before 31 January, the Mediator will make recommendations for the regulation.

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